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Distribution of hardware and licenses

Think of distribution
as an important stage in your project

Once your requirements have been determined, our experts design proven IT infrastructures suited to your project which combine performance, availability and cost-effectiveness. They then ensure that they select the most efficient hardware and software.

We distribute servers/switches/storage arrays and software licenses for the chosen solutions. We can also offer you refurbished solutions (brokerage) and warranties through our maintenance services.

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The Jiliti benefits


Multi-environment expertise

With Jiliti, benefit from the expertise of a partner whose multi-technology and multi-manufacturer make-up guarantees objectivity in respect of your challenges, throughout the course of your IT infrastructure transformation projects.

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Multi-technology partnerships and competence

Take advantage of our experience and skills in the numerous technologies available on the market.


Our experience of third party maintenance allow us to offer you second-hand/refurbished equipment that we can maintain thanks to our proven stocks and logistics.

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