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Proximity gestures in data centers

Delegate IMACs* from your data centers and technical premises

Whether relocating your data center or installing server racking or network equipment, our local technicians will guarantee these technical jobs are a success, from the simplest to the most complicated.

We provide you with qualified and responsive experts who have a perfect command of all your environments to help you address your day-to-day constraints. This specialist team organizes community management in line with your objectives as far as possible, and all IMACs within your data centers.

*IMAC = Install Move Add Change

The Jiliti benefits


A highly qualified service

Guarantee the management of your data centers in line with state-of-the-art IT. Our responsiveness, and the maintainability of your IT infrastructures, guarantees you a high level of availability. Our commitments are based on quality processes underpinned by ITIL recommendations.

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Proven expertise

Collaborate with our certified teams who are experienced in the technical requirements crucial to data centers. We provide the most suitable profiles based on your projects: planners, architects, experts, engineers, technicians, executives/project managers, coordinators or operational managers.


Strong governance

Choose end-to-end governance. Our managers are focused on your objectives to ensure our services can be adapted as your needs change. Our industrialized approach guarantees you the highest level of success thanks to our presence within the field.


An international network

Whether you are established locally or internationally, you can rely on our presence as close as possible to your data center. We are active across all continents, in more than 150 countries, directly and through local partners selected based on the most stringent quality criteria.

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Continuity of services

Be assured of an uninterrupted service thanks to our dedicated teams, arranged to cover all of your infrastructures’ operating hours (24/7 and international call centers). This facility can also be strengthened by our maintenance package.


Jiliti participate in the definition, implementation and monitoring of operating indicators. Our experience with our clients helped us to identify good methods, hard-skills and soft-skills. The data center environment has been well known to Jiliti for many years and our intervention methods are well proven.

Jiliti offer its data center’s proximity gesture service, which is a real assistance to your IT infrastructure operation, from provisional to technical maintenance, alerts detection, operational analysis, and even support 1 and 2 level.

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