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Continuously improve your IT infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure supports your IT system and your critical applications. It is therefore essential to find a partner who will be able to support you as your needs change.

Your company is constantly evolving and your business and operational needs change and increase regularly: the number of users and applications, storage requirements, access to application, etc.

These needs raise some important questions:

  • How can you plan, structure and control upgrades to your company’s servers, storage and networks to meet current and future challenges?
  • How to ensure the future of an IT infrastructure while enabling you to scale it within a multi-manufacturer and multi-technology setting in line with budget constraints?

At Jiliti, we have developed a unique, informed and agile expertise to perform hardware upgrades on your IT infrastructure to allow you to increase its resilience and its performance.

With our network of broker partners, we are able to offer advice on choosing new or used equipment (brokerage) certified, tested and maintained by us.

The Jiliti benefits

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Technical expertise

Take advantage of customized support from our multi-manufacturer and multi-technology experts and architects to obtain advice on the best choice of equipment for your current and future requirements.

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Budget control

Control your budget and meet your targets. We provide you with new or used equipment tested and maintained by us.

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Seamless integration

Expand your IT equipment and, if desired, we can also provide extended hardware maintenance for all your IT equipment.

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Service with peace of mind

With Jiliti, you can enjoy the expertise of France’s leading independent maintainer to build the IT infrastructure and architecture that will meet your business challenges of tomorrow.


Our experience of third party maintenance allow us to offer you second-hand/refurbished equipment that we can maintain thanks to our proven stocks and logistics.

These used equipment are certified, tested and maintain in our care.

This solution provides an economical and reliable alternative to infrastructure renewal.

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