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We are Jiliti

Since our humble beginnings, our clients have always been our number one priority and at the heart of our growth.

We firmly believe that meeting their needs, their expectations and their challenges in the best way we can is how we move forward and grow by their side.

This is the foundation of our strategy of remaining close to our clients, of flexibility, agility and responsiveness, combined with our multi-brand expertise, to make Jiliti the European leader in IT infrastructure management and the leading independent maintenance provider * in France (1).

We also have special regard for every individual that makes up our company. We know that it is their expertise, professionalism and commitment to you that strengthens our position as a leading player in third-party maintenance year on year.

That is why we continue to offer our clients more services and greater proximity worldwide for perfect control of their IT infrastructure life cycle.

Today, Jiliti is the result of 40 years of experience from four brands with proven records in third-party maintenance: Econocom Business Continuity (EBC) – Europe Computer Systèmes (ECS) – OSIATIS – THOMAINFOR, it remains resolutely in our genes to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Jiliti is proud of its independence which guarantees integrity in the solutions we deploy. It is a major asset that allows us to achieve more together.

We continue to develop the everyday IT maintenance business line by listening to our clients and adopting a technical approach that is fundamentally considerate and ethical. Our solutions are agile and generate long-term performance. They meet the economic challenges facing companies.

Our ambition is equal to the challenge: to become the leader in Europe and internationally, a key global actor among IT services companies.

We are already expanding our development both in terms of business line and geographical area. We strengthen our knowledge every day so we are always well-positioned to anticipate the needs of our clients beyond the market standards.

In 2021, Jiliti pursued its development by opening agencies in Austria, Italy (Prime Service) and the United States to support its customers and accelerate its business in these regions.

In February 2023, in order to assert its position as an eco-responsible* actor by offering services based on the circular economy to its customers, Jiliti expanded with the acquisition of one of its leading partners in the supply of second-hand components and recycling in France and Europe, Computer Trade Service.
Through this alliance, Jiliti is diversifying its range of green IT services, with the aim of increasing its business by 250% over the next 2 years:
* Increase sales of spare parts, secure supplies and double the stock and number of references.
* Strengthen end-of-life cycle dismantling of IT equipment, with complete control over the collection, sorting and destruction of old equipment.
* Offer refurbished solutions enabling IT Departments to meet their CSR challenges.

July 2023, Jiliti reaches a new milestone with the acquisition of StorTrec, a major IT infrastructure player present in 11 countries. With this acquisition, Jiliti considerably strengthens its presence with European customers and confirms its status as a leader in IT infrastructure management.

*(Excluding manufacturers with captive fleets)

(1) “PAC|teknowlogy” 2021 studies.